Utah’s Premier Indoor Golf Club

By Foresight Sports – Now open by appointment only in AMERICAN FORK, UTAH 

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Welcome to The Links Club

Utah’s only facility featuring the Foresight Sports GC Hawk Launch Monitor

We believe that the better informed a golfer is, the better he or she will play out on the course.  With the advances in launch-monitor technology, players have the ability to learn more about their game than ever before and our Foresight GCHawk launch monitors will provide unparalleled ball and club data to our members.

Member Testimonials

I’ve been a member at the Links Club for 5 months, and it’s been the best thing for my golf game. It was the perfect remedy to the dreaded offseason in Utah. Now that it’s spring, my golf game has shown improvement on the course, and I had no rust getting my game back. I recently went to a driving range and cringed because of the range balls, and realized that I’d rather be at the Links Club using Pro V1’s, and getting world class data on each swing. It’s a very clean facility that is open 24/7, letting me practice when I want. This is not just a winter thing, it’s a huge value the entire year!

Weston Maughan

As someone new to golf I need a place that I can keep up on my practice and enhance my skills.  Because my schedule is limited it has been a great benefit to be able to go anytime of day, 24/7.  The data is helpful as well and not something you can get on the range; to see what adjustments you need to make to improve your swing.  The Links Club is the perfect membership for me and the amount of hours I have been able to spend there has really helped me game.  Whether you are new to the game or been playing for years I definitely recommend The Links Club!
Alisha Sabin


Get a 12-month membership for just $999 that provides 25 (1-hour sessions) every month. Get better at the game you love with a facility that is open 24/7. See the membership page for details.