About Us

The Links Club was founded upon a love for the game and an understanding that golf frequently requires more time than we have available. Weekend rounds lasting 4 to 5 hours often don’t fit into the schedule and 9 hole rounds during the week can be extremely rare. With these obstacles in mind, we set out to create a facility that not only allows our members to play at all hours of the day but also to use that time as efficiently as possible.

We believe that the better informed a golfer is, the better he or she will play out on the course.  With the advances in launch-monitor technology, players have the ability to learn more about their game than ever before and our Foresight GCHawk launch monitors will provide unparalleled ball and club data to our members. In addition to the amazing practice capabilities, our Foresight Launch Monitors provide world-class golf simulation at some of the greatest courses in the game including Pebble Beach and St Andrews. If our golf technology wasn’t enough, our facility will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide our members with every opportunity to hone their skills regardless of their schedule. Golf is an amazing game, and we want our members to get the most out of it.